Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Put Your Best Foot Forward this New Year

The end always marks a new beginning, for those who choose to create one. The words below invite you to make 2016 yet another year filled with glory of your own grandeur, for that will mark the New Beginning of purpose, passion and power.

New year resolutions are clichéd statements for those who wait for the end of the year to wake up. Renewal of obsolete routines and recharging of areas that served you well will give you a much-needed boost in the New Year. Here are some ideas to start strong and stay ahead the whole year round.

Friends are the building blocks of our personality. They influence our purpose and shape our decisions. Whoever said, “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are”, was right. This new year drop the ones who only have brought slug and sorrow in your life. When my nephew said, “My friends tease me at work and make me feel bad,” my answer was, “Then they are not your friends.” Friends inspire, encourage and empower, and are the mirrors of honesty for you. Their company ignites in you the desire to be better, for that’s what they themselves stand for. Be vigilant about who you allow into your friends’ list and make amends should some have fallen out of sync with you.

There is no better time for self-indulgence than the beginning of the year. Get a new wardrobe. “When I wore my new set of business suits for my meetings, I felt confident and superior,” a colleague who returned from a shopping spree abroad said. Get your hair styled. Visit a skin specialist. Revamp your diet and coach your cook or family to go in for healthy options. There is no greater and faster route to confidence than a personal make over. Invest in how you look and keep a quarterly maintenance on it.

Never forget the primary purpose of your job: your own happiness. Plan a vacation for the year at the start of the year. It’s better to lock a vacation and let your company know in advance. That way you have a heads up to create the necessary budget for it and time to plan out your professional responsibilities. I have seen that as the year progresses, pressures begin to mount and the vacation becomes an impossibility. Don’t compromise your own time to live, enjoy and be happy.

Money will never be enough, even for the world’s richest people. Do something different and drastic; start the year with a financial investment; set yourself a target to fill that back. Just put some money aside for later use. Money is a tricky thing, if it sits idle, it flows out. Plug the potential leak; it might just come in handy for a luxurious family vacation or the new car that seemed out of reach.

The above actions lead to enhance your self-confidence in the New Year. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, for it is known that confident people are usually happy, and make wiser choices and cleverer decisions.

Rooting for your success.


Shubhada Kumbhar said...

Bang on Priya. I just had my motivation & inspiration dose as the new year has begun. Thanks a ton. Wish you an abundant & outstanding year Priya.

surya said...

Hi priya thanks for wonderful ideas will surely try these n thank u so much for motivating us n helping us to grow in our lives keep inspiring us always with ur words

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Emily Shorette said...

I don't like to be off-topic, but I have a problem which I hope you can help me. My problem is when I have Blogger on my computer. (All other areas seem to be fine) Whenever I press the "new post" button it seems to take *forever* to get to to the proper screen. It just says "loading..." at the top. It does eventually get to the proper screen, but this is after 45 minutes or more. Have you had this problem, and what did you do to solve it? My computer is a HP Chromebook 14. Thank you very much.

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